Mad Sex Party

Mad Sex Party,

One more new porn site from friends at Eromaxx (previously mentioned Eromaxx sites : Party Hardcore, Drunk Sex Orgy, Pissing In Action, Bimaxx).

Appeared this year Mad Sex Party served as a replacement for very popular in it’s niche site Wam Sex Orgy (All Wam duplicates it now). Abbreviation ‘WAM‘ stands for ‘Wet And Messy‘, which appears to be a dozen of people covered in nasty stuff. Mud, oil, whipped creams, juice or yogurt. And while you still can get all this inside All Wam, Mad Sex Party went more traditional route.

Each time with Mad Sex Party you get a crowd of insatiable people for whom fuck isn’t enough and they go for more. Like spicing their girlfriends cunts with popcorn and eating from them, sliding their hot butts over the creamy floor or going for group refreshement in the swimming pool while keep clothes on.

I also noticed, Mad Sex Party show often ‘after party‘ footage, which I like. You can see people boozing all night long at Drunk Sex Orgy and then you watch them fucking under the shower altogether at Mad Sex Party, same make-ups on girls, costumes on guys. Another decorations spiced up with something weird create an amazing effect and I definitely recommend you to consider both sites to experience this.

(sample pictures I will add later)

Mad Sex Party Movies
Mad Sex Party @ Crazy People Have ‘literally’ Dirty Sex


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