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Robert films busty Lea he just picked on the street flashing in public

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The continuation to my yesteday's post about the unveiling of Public Invasion (read it here). All that time you could watch the site only from handy camera Robert carries to film his adventures. But this time Robert gets filmed himself while chatting up his another victim Lea...

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Public Invasion Lea

Here's another hot Publicinvasion for you. Her name is Lea. She is teacher complete. Your body is perfect. I asked i could look at her tits after i pay her some money. She showed me a pair of beautiful tits. I inmediatly asked to look at her pussy.... Her hands and you lips were really soft. She stroke and rub my cock like nobody has ever done it before, making me come in one of the best orgasms I have ever had. she gave me in the bathroom before I fucked her like crazy. She even ask to taste my sperm. She seemed very sweet but my senses tell me she was very horny and i had a good chance of having a lot of pleasure with her especially with all the money i had in my poket.We decided to go to the restrooms to finish our business there and it was pretty amazing what this girl did. She went down for my cock and sucked it ... Read full story of Lea at public invasion.

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